Business partnership opportunity

13 July 2022
Development West Coast
Development West Coast is seeking businesses to partner with to help bring West Coast tertiary students back to the region during academic breaks and at the completion of their studies.

In 2021 DWC launched its Tertiary Scholarships Programme. The Scholarships are for first time tertiary students from the region who intend to work on the West Coast on the completion of their study and are valued up to $32,000 each.

In 2022 we are seeking to partner with West Coast businesses to offer paid summer work and guaranteed employment at the completion of the scholarship recipient’s study,.

If you are interested in partnering with DWC to attract and retain highly skilled and qualified West Coasters to your business, please complete the form below.

When completing the form consider the staffing gaps for tertiary qualified roles that currently exist or are anticipated to exist over the next 3-5 years in your business/sector.

We thank you in advance for providing this information.


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