Summer of Tech to help attract talent to the West Coast

01 November 2022
Development West Coast
Development West Coast (DWC) has partnered with Summer of Tech to help showcase the tech opportunities the West Coast has to offer.

Summer of Tech is a non-profit organisation founded in 2006 to help bridge the gap between learning and earning for Aotearoa New Zealand’s next generation of tech talent, helping employers hire junior tech talent, from software developers to CAD designers and much more.

They are looking for West Coast employers who can provide safe and supportive work environments for their interns and graduates to thrive in.

Summer of Tech can support your business with a dedicated account manager, advice on attracting the right candidates, promotion of your roles and much more.

DWC Economic Development Manager Jo Birnie says it’s a great opportunity for West Coast employers to be connected with tech students.

“Summer of Tech are going to organise a bespoke recruitment event to match West Coast employers with potential tech candidates.

“Book in for a chat with Summer of Tech to talk through your hiring needs, challenges and what hiring juniors might mean for your organisation.”

For more information contact Kate Morten

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