West Coast ports project

03 August 2020
Development West Coast
Over $17m invested in West Coast ports projects.

DWC-funded PGF application secures funds

PGF funding of $125,000 initiated work to carry out a feasibility study for the upgrade of the Westport and Greymouth ports. An additional $100,000 was then funded to create a development plan for the governance structure of the West Coast ports, leading into a DWC-funded project to develop a PGF application with the goal of securing the future of the ports. This application resulted in funding of $8m being invested in West Coast ports and laid the foundation for further government funding.

Over $17m has now been invested in port projects in the region, ensuring the creation of jobs and strengthening the resilience of the Coast.

DWC contribution: $87,000

Government investment: $17m+

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