Westpeak New Zealand builds new warehouse

25 July 2019
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Commercial finance from DWC enables company to build warehousing operation on the West Coast.

Westpeak New Zealand builds new warehouse

Westpeak New Zealand has opened new purpose-built premises in Greymouth. Commercial finance from DWC enabled the company to build the 1,200 square metre building that was crucial in retaining their warehousing operation on the West Coast.

Owner and director Lewis Simpkin said their original premises served them well but became a constraint to growth, especially due to the lack of warehouse space and facilities for their expanding workforce which had grown from two to 16 staff.

“We were faced with the option of getting bigger premises in Greymouth or splitting off our warehousing operation and locating it in another centre (e.g. Christchurch) and retaining our original retail premises in Greymouth,” says Lewis.

Westpeak pursued the option of keeping the operation together in one larger building in Greymouth and when unable to find a suitable existing building they looked into building their own.

“Early on in the process contact was made with DWC and maintained through the whole project. We found the staff to be knowledgeable and helpful and very keen to help keep our entire operation on the West Coast,” Lewis says.

“We found banks were very wary about funding a development project due to their fear of the risk of significant cost over-runs. At this point we applied to DWC for a loan to cover the build."

From their new building Westpeak can now offer a nationwide service - all from the West Coast.


“We wish to express our sincere thanks to DWC for their support and encourage ongoing cooperation with other West Coast businesses to keep our region going forward,”

Lewis Simpkin (Westpeak New Zealand)

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