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3 Day Trip: Reefton to Greymouth

A mega glory-filled three day power trip for those with an unhealthy obsession for nature, wilderness and untamed craziness.

Weekend away
3 Days
230 mi/371 km
Best time

Reefton to Karamea

2 hours 30 mins, 175 km

The drive from Reefton to Karamea runs the gamut from native bush, mountains, wild gorges through to sub-tropical rain forest. After leaving Reefton you'll find yourself in the wild Buller Gorge. In place the road drops to one lane to navigate incredible cliffs and river passes.

Stop for lunch in Westport and check out the many great shops and cafes. Once satiated head north into the wilds of Karamea. This drive takes you through many great small towns and past some sites of interest.

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Karamea to Greymouth

2 hours 57 mins, 196 km

Possibly one of the best drives on the planet this drives takes in some of the most spectacular scenery imaginable. As you drive down the coast you'll take in some of the most famous and well-known sites on the West Coast including:

Basically there is something for everyone on this drive so take your time and enjoy what you see.

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