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Upskill employment and training consultants are experienced in recruitment, staff training and people development.

Upskill employment and training scheme

Development West Coast (DWC) is excited to support our region’s businesses, employees and job seekers alike, with our new regional employment and training scheme, Upskill.

Upskill will help to support a robust and resilient West Coast economy that can respond to and recover from the economic impacts of COVID-19.

Upskill employment and training consultants are experienced in recruitment, staff training and people development. Targeting skills shortage areas across the region, working with employers and employees to create sustainable employment opportunities, and develop current staff to keep both people and businesses in the region.

The Upskill project is supported by The Ministry of Social Development and is funded by the Provincial Growth Fund until July 2024.

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Our services

Workplace training support:

Upskill consultants will meet with you to discuss your business goals and help you to decide if the upskilling of your current staff will help you to reach those goals. Using recognised industry training providers, Upskill will help you to put a training plan in place. With funding from Upskill, the industry training you require may be provided with no direct training facilitation or assessment costs to your business.

Training and development programmes can make your company more flexible. When your employees are well trained, they are better able to respond to changes in the market, which ensures company success in the long term. This is what UpSkill is all about – helping you to make sure your business is a West Coast success, long into the future.

The benefits of investing in employee training and development are well known; it can give your company a competitive advantage over others and when an organisation invests in employee training and development, employees feel valued, appreciated and more loyal. Loyal employees are more engaged and motivated and require less supervision. It is proven that organisations experience a decrease in turnover and an upturn in productivity when the people within it feel valued, well trained and able to do the best quality of work.

Upskilling of new recruits:

Looking to take on new staff? Is the cost of training a barrier? Upskill can help.

Talk to us about the vacancy you have and let us help you to develop an industry training programme that will help you to attract and retain the best possible people for your team.

Services for job seekers:

Are you unemployed and looking for new opportunities?

Upskill is working with a range of employers, across the West Coast region in all kinds of industries. We can match you with job vacancies, introduce you to employers and work with the employer to develop an in work training programme, should you need to learn new skills.

If you are currently a client with Work and Income, we will work with your case manager to ensure you get the support you need from both of our organisations.


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