Leading Light Awards 2022 categories

Find out more information about the different award categories at the 2022 Development West Coast Leading Light Business Excellence Awards.

Section A - General categories


Sponsored by Duncan Cotterill

Eligibility: Organisations with 25+ FTE's (for the majority of the financial year 2020-2021).

For our large West Coast enterprises that are innovative and dynamic in their business practices, demonstrate leadership both within their organisation and externally, and have a clear vision for their business.


Sponsored by Crombie Lockwood

Eligibility: Organisations with 10 - 24 FTE's (for the majority of the financial year 2020-2021).

For our medium West Coast enterprises that are progressive and energetic in their business practices, demonstrate excellence in people management, and have a clear strategy for the future growth of their business.


Sponsored by NZME

Eligibility: Organisations with less than 10 FTE's (for the majority of the financial year 2020-2021).

For our small West Coast enterprises that demonstrate excellence in business practices and have a clear vision and strategy for the future of their business.

Section B - Open categories


Sponsored by Department of Conservation

Recognising a business or organisation that has introduced products, services, strategies or initiatives that are helping to reduce the organisation’s impacts on the environment and improve its long-term sustainability.

This could be new business-as-usual practices or activities that support the wider community or how your business is reducing or offsetting its carbon footprint.


Sponsored by Isaac

Recognising and celebrating organisations that are leading the way in the promotion of workplace wellbeing.

These businesses have created successful initiatives designed to embed a culture of wellness in their organisation.

SECTION C - Special Awards


Sponsored by The Great Journeys of New Zealand

This Award will be presented to a business that has been inspiring in their efforts to better serve their regional business community since the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in New Zealand.

Businesses will be nominated for this Award based on their flexibility, innovation and nimbleness in adapting to the environment to keep afloat while also helping other businesses to survive.

Nominees will showcase how they played a part in the survival, and potential growth, of both their own and other businesses since the COVID-19 lockdown through some or all of their innovation, product development, diversification, market knowledge, effective leadership and community commitment.


Sponsored by Greymouth Star

This award aims to recognise a newcomer to our region’s business community that is making waves and promising to be in the market for the long term. Entrants may come from any sector and be of any size but must demonstrate innovation, dedication, professionalism, and drive. Open to all businesses that have been operational for less than 5 years and have been successful in identifying a market gap to launch a new business.

Supreme Award

Sponsored by Development West Coast

This category is the overarching supreme award. The winners of Category sections are automatically entered into this category.

This award is the ultimate accolade for all our entrants and the winner will be chosen from each of the category winners. The judges will be looking for the company/person who has shown the most enterprise, passion, and drive in taking their business forward along with an innovative business model, impeccable business practices and outstanding business performance.

Dedication and innovation will be key to the winner of this most prestigious award.

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