From Fiji to the West Coast

Brian's journey to career growth and success in the building industry

With a background in building, Brian saw the West Coast as an opportunity to advance his career. He highly recommends the West Coast as a place for families and anyone looking for a change.

"I moved here in February 2022, I was looking for an opportunity in my trade as a builder, because I did build in Fiji. So, I was trying to further my career in building in New Zealand," says Brian.

Initially headed to Rotorua, Brian landed an unexpected opportunity with Jennian Homes. "I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity with Jennian Homes, And I am working towards my qualification as a builder" he shares gratefully.

Despite initial nerves about the South Island, Brian found the West Coast exceeded his expectations. "The people were friendly, the scenery was good, and they just made you feel at home," he recalls. “That’s what drove me to becoming a builder here on the West Coast”.

"If you want to come to the West Coast, I think it suits everybody who's looking to establish a family here. It suits someone who's just started a new family. And even if you just want to try something new, the West Coast is a place for you to come and start that," Brian encourages.

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