Jana's Teaching Journey in Greymouth

"I like the feeling of community and that people are looking out for one another," says Jana, an English teacher from South Africa, who has been with Greymouth High School for almost four years.

"We look out for our staff as well as students," She adds. "The school makes a really strong effort to support students and their families."

Jana takes pride in witnessing the impact of her work: "Being able to see the impact of what you're doing is very satisfying." She enjoys the diverse backgrounds of her students, stating, "I really enjoy working with students from many different backgrounds who are really grateful for your help and for you being there, and who enjoys spending time with you and are just happy to see you."

Despite Greymouth's outdoor appeal, Jana, not particularly outdoorsy, notes, "There's also a lot of stuff to do if you're not into active sports and those kinds of things.” She adds, "We have a great bookstore in town, There's more to do on the coast than people think."

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