MAHI Tai Poutini

Helping ākonga, our students and school leavers

Education to employment connects ākonga to the world of work across the West Coast, helping our youth to be better informed and prepare for their future.

DISCOVER – what their possibilities are – what they are passionate about, what careers are out there, what they like to study, and understanding more about what other jobs are out there

EXPLORE – what opportunities exist for them – what they like to study, what industries and jobs might interest them

CONNECT – see the world of work – getting insight into what jobs do, and sometimes work experience or on the job learning.



Employer Engagement

Ākonga can:

  • Connect their school-based learning to experiences in the workplace
  • Have better engagement, attendance, and academic results ·see the relevance of what they are learning so have increased confidence in their future
  • Make better informed decisions about what pathways might work for them
  • See and understand different opportunities.

Employers can:

  • Support ākonga in their own communities or the school they attended.
  • Showcase their industry with young people and their families, what jobs exist, and the skills they are looking for
  • Employers can use these engagements as an opportunity to see and engage future talent for their businesses.

Student Engagement


As the Vocational Coordinator at Development West Coast, Latham works closely with West Coast organisations and agencies to ensure strong and sustainable pathways from schooling to employment for all school leavers, supporting and developing opportunities for all rangatahi to achieve success.

Contact Latham:

Ph: 03 769 7000

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