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03 April 2019
Development West Coast
Next-generation gaming company developing exciting new and innovative gaming content from Westport.


The days of needing an office ‘in the city’ are long gone and many digital companies are shifting to the regions for the lifestyle and cost advantages. Advances in technology now allow people to live wherever they want and do business with the world, and a number of digital businesses are choosing to base themselves amongst the truly stunning landscapes of the West Coast.

One such example is Ben Dellaca and Jeremy Cadillac’s business, LootWinner, operating out of EPIC Westport.

“LootWinner is a next-generation gaming company focused on delivering British audiences with exciting new and innovative gaming content. With studios on both coasts of beautiful New Zealand, LootWinner is on a mission to change the game market by injecting a little Kiwi ingenuity into the global gaming industry,” Ben says.

“DWC has been instrumental in helping LootWinner to set up a studio on the West Coast, delivering the necessary support to both facilitate the early stages of a software deployment environment and de-risk the initial investment requirements.”

Ben Dellaca (LootWinner)


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