RTNZ Monthly update

Regional Tourism New Zealand - Monthly update 8 February 2022

Key takeaways

1. Domestic market

The Domestic Market will remain a long-term focus and top of mind as a destination, Tourism New Zealand will scale up activity as international borders open up.

Domestically, travel intent is declining. It will be harder to get people to travel.

There is lots of uncertainty and the prospect of International travel attracts kiwis who pull away from NZ.


Do not discard the domestic market as soon as International travellers are back.

This is a good base market needed to ensure a good portfolio. Continue to nurture the relationships you have created the past 2 years.

I would advise against advertising dual pricing as it might attract complaints.

2. Kiwis are poorer

Everyday life items increase and disposable income is down.

New Zealanders will have to look where they will spend their money on. They will hang on to their funds.

It’s becoming highly competitive as West Coast will not only be competing against other destinations within NZ but now a weekend away is up against putting petrol in your car, paying rent or a mortgage.


Adapt your product to the domestic audience: Show the value of your product, what’s unique, with a lower price point (an experience which used to be 5 hours can maybe be reduced to 3 hours which will lower your cost and be seen as more affordable).

Continue your marketing, keep with your messaging but control your expense by spending on the right target audience.

3. Tourism New Zealand new Shoulder Season campaign

Dates:                   From the 14 March to the 15 May 2022

Goal:                     Sense of urgency, something to grasp before it’s gone.

Address that behaviour of differing travel.

Details:                 click here


Make sure to align your marketing strategy with that opportunity.

Tourism New Zealand spend $2 million per campaign and have an average referral rate of 20% from their website, this is an avenue definitely worth considering (if you haven’t already) to attract potential consumers down the funnel towards conversion / booking with you.

Make sure your listing is updated, images are appealing and recent and that you load attractive deals for additional exposure.

Reminder: All this will also be displayed on DWC website automatically.