Local brewer expands capacity with support from DWC

02 March 2023
Development West Coast
Woodstock Brewing Co. underwent a significant expansion of its operations in December, thanks to the assistance of a loan from DWC.

The brewery had faced challenges due to limited brewing capacity making it difficult to keep up with the rising demand for their beer. With the assistance of DWC, Woodstock Brewing Co. made strategic investments in new equipment and upgraded their brewing area.

"Without that support we wouldn't have been able to put our beer into other venues. We needed that capacity to brew, to supply," Leanne Cutler explained.

Leanne and Colin opened a new Woodstock venue in Christchurch late last year. This marks the addition of a third Woodstock Hotel to their portfolio, alongside the existing establishments in Hokitika and Greymouth. The new venue proudly serves Woodstock Brewing Co.'s beer on tap, further expanding their reach and customer base.

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