Finding a Home and Playground on the Wild West Coast

Hami Tangiora was born in Lincoln but grew up all around New Zealand due to his father being in the army. Hami found his way to the West Coast for tertiary study.

"After finishing my final year of high school in Palmerston North, I came to Greymouth to do the two-year Outdoor Recreation, and Leadership and Guiding Courses at Tai Poutini Polytechnic. It was an incredible two years of learning in what I’d consider the best classroom you could have, the wild and untamed West Coast wilderness."

Years later he now calls the West Coast home and has a young family here.

Reflecting on his time at Tai Poutini Polytechnic, Hami adds, "This course played a huge part in why I decided to remain on the Coast after I’d completed my two years at the Polytech, and I’ve lived here for 16 of the last 22 years."

Hami Tangiora currently juggles a full-time position at Anzco Foods Kokiri with roles as a registered independent marriage celebrant and a volunteer firefighter.

When asked about raising kids on the West Coast, Hami says “Kids love being outdoors whether they’re riding bikes, fishing, swimming in rivers and lakes or playing at the beach. Kids love exploring whether it’s caves, huts, old mining towns and relics or rock pools at low tide.”

“All of these things and so much more can be done here on the same day if you want. Kids just love being active, and the West Coast is one giant playground.”

Hami spends much of his free time out adventuring with his family. For parents looking to embark on family tramps, some of Hami Tangiora’s favourite spots include Heaphy Hut, Blue River Hut/Blow Fly Hut and the Ballroom Overhang.

He also highlights the Paparoa track, “NZ’s 10th Great Walk and the start is less than 30mins from Greymouth. One of the unique things about this walk is the huts can all be accessed without having to complete the entire walk. It’s also a great ride.”

“I’ve travelled to over 40 countries including numerous developing countries and I can honestly say we are so lucky here in New Zealand,” Hami says.

“We have some great communities here all up and down the West Coast. We have a nice climate all year round and it doesn’t rain nearly as much as the media would have people think. And so what if it does? We wouldn’t have the beautiful, lush rain forests and native bush that we have without the rain.”

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